The 60 Second Interview: Dr Simon Faulkner

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  • Published: April 21, 2016
Science instructor, Academic Bridge Program (ABP), a member of Qatar Foundation (QF), speaks about his working experience as well as life in Qatar
How do you think ABP is contributing to QF’s vision of building a knowledge-based economy?

Through its well-developed curricula across all subjects, and through the passion of its teachers to educate, ABP plays an integral role in contributing to this vision. While the science teachers are constantly developing the students’ knowledge of how to think critically as a scientist, they are also being coached on their written and spoken English. Such an all-round approach empowers students for future roles in areas of science, engineering, medicine, or any other profession they choose.

What does being part of the QF community mean to you?

It means a lot as I share this vision of developing a knowledge-based economy. I feel welcomed and inspired by the people I work with, and there is a great sense of collegiality within our department and faculty. I also feel I have many new friends who I can turn to for advice, as a new expatriate, living in a foreign country, with my family. QF’s curriculum and professional development for its staff, nurturing their need for intellectual stimulation, are impressive. Finally, we have many opportunities to socialize both on and off campus, as there seems to be no shortage of things to do here in Qatar.

What are your future goals, personally and professionally?
Personally, my future goals are focused on traveling and experiencing as many new cultures as I can with my family. I’d particularly like to continue training in karate, and I hope to reach that elusive black belt by the time I hit my 40th birthday.

Professionally, I would like to be able to continue developing my teaching and learning practice, including a better mastery of teaching English as a foreign language, through science. I am really into using technology in our classrooms, and am invested in developing Google classrooms and the use of Google apps, to keep our students and staff abreast of the latest developments in technology, in education.

What are the best things about living in Qatar?
Coming from the ‘rainy’ UK, the weather here during winter is nice. There is plenty for children to do, and we get to meet many different cultures. Moreover, the local and expatriate community are mostly friendly and welcoming.

How would you describe yourself?
I am a curious person, with an inquiring mind, and I want to learn more about our natural and physical world, understanding what, how, and why things happen. I also enjoy experiencing and learning new things. I guess I have a scientist’s brain, with an explorer’s heart.